Gardner Statement on Passage of H.R. 2667 and H.R. 2668

Congressman Cory Gardner (R-CO) issued the following statement about the passage of H.R. 2667 and H.R. 2668:

“President Obama's actions have shown his healthcare bill isn't ready for primetime. In fact, some of the key architects of the bill have called it a trainwreck. By delaying the employer mandate while leaving the individual mandate in place, the President put big business ahead of the American people. The House voted to delay both the individual mandate and the employer mandate with bipartisan support. If big business deserves more time to prepare for the complex and burdensome healthcare law, surely we can extend the same treatment to American families.”

Earlier this month, the White House announced a one-year delay of Obamacare’s employer mandate, despite leaving the individual mandate in place. H.R. 2667 and H.R. 2668 would delay both the employer mandate and the individual mandate, providing American families and small businesses with much-needed time to prepare for the law’s implementation. Rollout of the law has been the target of criticism and concern, with union leaders recently raising serious concern about the law’s effect on wages, hours, and benefits in a letter to Congressional Democratic leaders. Gardner has stated that he believes the controversial healthcare law should be fully repealed. 


Congressman Gardner is a member in the U.S. House of Representatives serving Colorado's 4th Congressional District. He sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee and is a member of the following Subcommittees: Communications and Technology, Energy and Power, and Oversight and Investigations.

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