Best & Brightest Unaware they are the Best & Brightest

Washington, DC– At yesterday’s House Energy and Commerce hearing, Rep. Cory Gardner (CO-04) asked the witnesses one simple question – who were the best and brightest that President Obama had called-in to fix the mess that is Earlier this week, President Obama said that a “tech surge” was underway to bring in the “best and brightest” to fix the seemingly endless problems with the federal website.

When Rep. Gardner asked the witnesses who the best and brightest were, no one knew – including QSSI Group Executive Vice President Andrew Slavvit. Slavitt was apparently oblivious that the White House chose QSSI to lead the surge of the best and brightest.

Gardner’s questioning of Mr. Slavitt is below. Click here to watch the video.

GARDNER: QSSI, do you know who these best and brightest are that are coming in to fix this mess?


GARDNER: So, are you still consulting with CMS on this?

SLAVITT: I'm just not familiar with the situation.

In response to the latest revelations that QSSI is the firm that has been hired to lead the surge, Gardner said:

"Obamacare has turned into a real life Abbott and Costello routine. Every new revelation that comes out about the disastrous roll out of this law shows how much of a debacle this really is. When I asked QSSI who was in charge of fixing the website, they had no clue that they in fact were the ones who were in charge. The American people deserve a delay of the individual mandate at the very least, so Congress can figure out how to de-construct this ticking time bomb immediately.”


Congressman Gardner is a member in the U.S. House of Representatives serving Colorado's 4th Congressional District. He sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee and is a member of the following Subcommittees: Communications and Technology, Energy and Power, and Oversight and Investigations.

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